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energy through ejaculation. The massage awakens your heart and gives you strength, calmness, overview and self-confidence. With the Meditation Add On we invite you to do a meditation to use the energy resulting of the massage, with the help of the masseur who is skilled in such practice and therefore can explain and support you in doing. We recommend this option for both men and women that wish to have time for an even deeper experience and more time to receive guidance/coaching from the masseur. In this way, you may, in time, learn to become multiorgasmic and your entire body may experience the same orgasmic intensity, which is usually a privilege of the sexual organs only. Surely, this will paint a smile on your face for a long time to come, when thinking back of the truly unforgettable evening and the heavenly morning. A professional relaxation massage with tantric elements will soon allow no other sensations than pure pleasure. Actually, many men experience that through sensual devotion to the present moment they find their mission in life and a path to deeper meaning in their lives. Some talk about a happy ending, we, however, believe in never-ending happiness. You will discover the source of your inner strength and power. Many men fear that the sensual and beautiful massage will make them ejaculate but you will soon relax and enjoy the massage, and also notice that our skilled masseur helps you both awaken and also lift the energy. Start this experience with a charming flirt at the hotel bar where you will already begin to forget about your daily stress. This will give you more peace of mind. The massage will therefore not include massage of the penis/lingam, which would only distract attention from the experience the rest of your body is enjoying.


Relaxing The Man s Lingham.

Stockholm Erotic Massage: Tantric massage stockholm bondagesex

Let the effects of a tantra massage last longer, enhance your experience with a meditation, yogic relaxation or yoga nidra at the end of your massage. Yoga Nidra, yoga Nidra also known as the yogic conscious sleep is a technique of deep relaxation allowing us to go beyond our mind limitations and come in contact with the essence of our being. Continue this wonderful distraction in a private ambience of your suite and learn how this stimulating chat steps up while communication is complimented through sensual body language. When you learn to master your own energy as a man, you will also experience how you gain access to new dimensions of yourself and to a more spiritual understanding of your own masculine core. The erotic tantric massage by itself is helping us to relax deeply, to come in the body and be present here in now, letting go of all worries and stress. .

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